Hi-Temp Foodservice

New and Reconditioned Parts

Visit our foodservice division to learn about the various pump impellers, plug valves, ball check valves, and valve stems we offer, as well as our custom manufacturing option.

Hi-Temp Weights

Olympic Style Solid Rubber Weight Plates

Visit our weights division to learn about our innovative rubber weights and the benefits versus traditional cast iron. You can securely purchase weights on our website.

Headquartered in Tuscumbia, Alabama, Hi-Temp began as a foodservice parts manufacturer and later expanded to include solid rubber weights. The foodservice division of Hi-Temp is equipped to handle custom manufacturing, production, and refurbishment of valves and pump impellers. The weight division uses recycled rubber and stainless steel to make a weight that is safer and easier to handle than traditional weights. Our products are always made in the USA, so you can be sure your part, piece, or weight adheres to our strict standards of durability, quality, and reliability.